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Legacy Tour

Our thirst-quenching pilgrimage starts from the visitor centre, waltzing across the vineyard, all the way to the barrel cellar. Learn about the secrets of wine making and the buried history of Niagara Terroir.

Fine Selection

Ready, set and swirl! Our friendly staff will teach you how to taste like a pro as we shall walk through a flight of three exceptional wines.

Sensory Delight

Why stop with the wines when you can top it up with a place of Gourmet cheese? Our carefully selected pairings will send shivers of pleasure through your palate.




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The Underdog BBQ Bar

The Underdog BBQ Bar

June 20 | July 25 | August 23 | 12 pm Noon – 5pm

大厨 Mark Hand 亲手设计的烧烤菜谱。其中主打菜:“意外获胜者”热狗与我们的同名葡萄酒系列形成完美搭配。每样菜只需 $10-15。葡萄酒每杯起价$5。

An authentic BBQ menu  designed by Chef Mark Hand featuring the “UnderDOG” hotdog which pairs perfectly with our Underdog wines. Menu items from $10- $25 with wines by the glass starting at $5.

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